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Holding Our Anger: Ram Dass & Thich Naht Hahn



More than Three Septembers

The reality I moved into… for the the first time was so deeply a part of my being that I couldn’t believe I had lived my whole life having forgotten it. It wasn’t something I was learning about, it was something I was remembering. ~ Ram Dass

Have you ever been there? Literally, have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been here before? The names may be different, the faces, the seasons, but you know in your soul this is not the first time you’ve come this way. You’ve seen this face. Maybe not this face but the spirit of the one behind the face. You’ve had it all figured out. Life was manageable, compartmentalized, understood, explained away. Then you meet someone, you go some place, you see something, and you know that there is more. More than three verses and a chorus. More than three points and a poem. More than three kids and a dog. More than three strikes and you’re out. There is more.

As new and different a turn this part of your journey may seem, it has the warm embrace of the familiar. You know you’ve never been this way before. It’s new. It’s exciting. It scares you to death, but you feel compelled to go this way. You don’t know why. It gives you peace for some inexplicable reason. It doesn’t fit the mold. No one will understand. You don’t understand, but you go. You go because maybe for the first time this time you realize that there is more. We are more. You resolve never to live again as less.

This is the way of the soul. My way is not your way. Their way is not our way, but there is a way. Whether you found it  by accident, by frustration, by exhaustion… do not turn back from it. Maybe the last time you were here you opted for the 401k. Maybe you hurt those you love. Maybe you just got by. You have a chance, another chance. You can be more. You are more. There is more.

Listen to your soul. Strain your ear. Strain your heart. Tune out everything else. Hear for yourself. The song of the cicadas. The hymn of the oceans. The refrain of silence. The note is timeless and divine. Hear and see and know. Remember.